1. The Internet shop enables the customers to purchase shoes and other products. To make a purchase in shop one should choose the product, put into the cart and click the "ORDER" button and also fill in the order form. After submitting the order form you will receive email informing on the order.
2. The ordered products to be sent to 7 days after the payment has been received.
3. Placing an order means that you entered into purchase-sales contract with our company.
4. The moment when you receive the shipment the sales contract is fulfilled by our Internet shop.


1. Prices in the shop are net with VAT.
2. The goods are despatched by Post Office, exclusively by priority mail and the service you selected in consistence with the order form.
3. Shipment costs are determined in the price lists of shipment firms.


1. The basic condition for realising the placed order is correctly filled in the order form made available by the Internet shop.
2. Under unfavourable circumstances that make it impossible in a time-limited or non-limited way to realise the order placed, the shop stipulates the right to withhold the realisation of the order the customer will be notified with no delay on this fact.
3. The goods purchased are despatched to the address that was shown in the order form.
4. Shipment costs are paid by the purchaser.


1. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving the exact reason within 10 days from receiving the shipment. The goods have to be sent at the cost of the customer, this cost and shipment costs are not returned. Together with the goods the customer must send the receipt and a statement that you withdraw from the purchase and you should also give your name and address and bank account number that should be used for transferring the money. The returned merchandise should be in the original packaging and can bear no sign of using.
2. All the products that have been purchased are subject to exchange if they are sent back within 10 days counting from the day of receiving them. If the size does not fit you can have the shoes exchange for the same model of different size bearing the cost of sending not used shoes to us. Please, ask before if the size that you wish to receive is currently available. If it is not we will try to exchange it as soon as possible. If it is not possible we can offer some other available shoes or return the money. Attention! Only not used goods are subject to exchange.


1. The goods in our Internet shop are under 12-month guarantee.
2. If the received goods are faulty or is inconsistent with the order, then send it straight away or within 10 days from receiving the shipment back by post to the company. The costs connected with claims are paid by the customer.
3. All accidental mechanic damages and also damages caused by inappropriate use are not under guarantee. Otherwise we may refuse to accept the claim.
4.The basis for claim is receipt.
5. The claimed product along with contact address, telephone number and fault description should be sent at the cost of the customer by post to our firm.
6. The claim will be considered within 14 days.


If you want to be our customer you need to register. Thanks to this you will avoid writing your personal data and shipment address every time you place the order. The condition necessary for good registering is giving consent to process your personal data in accordance with the act on the protection of personal data. (DZ.U. 133, item 883, dated 29.08.1997).


The Internet shop limits sending and collecting data about customers to absolute minimum necessary for selling and sending goods, this includes: electronic address, personal and address data. This information is not given to any other person and it is used to realise customers orders . Your data will be used by is in accordance with the act dated August 29th 1997, on the protection of personal data exclusively to realise your orders and will not be accessed by any external subjects. Each customer has the right to view and correct his data and also to stop it being used by expressing that wish in writing.


In cases not stated in these regulations Civil codex is valid and also acts concerning protection of some customer rights and responsibility for damages done by dangerous products (Dz.U. 22, item 271, dated 2.03.2000)

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